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Yesterday, it was the corner bakery, the local butcher, the florist, the hardware store, and the mom-and-pop grocery. Today, it’s the acupuncture and massage studio, computer graphics firm, and artisanal chocolate boutique. Small businesses have been at the backbone of America, and they have played a large part in the richness and vibrancy of this country’s Jewish community.

To support those in our community who are seeking to grow an idea into a successful small business, JFCS for many years has provided financial support and other assistance to budding entrepreneurs. Our Small Business Loan Program does much more than offer low- or prime interest-rate loans to qualified borrowers. We also provide assistance in:

• Developing a viable business plan
• Devising a realistic budget
• Connecting loan recipients to others in the community with expertise in marketing, sales, accounting, customer service, and other critical business components
• Monitoring progress as businesses develop
• Providing loan recipients with mentors—successful professionals in a variety of fields—who voluntarily offer insights, ideas, and inspiration

JFCS’ Small Business Loan Program is part of our mission to help people in our community become self-sufficient and thrive. Learn about other ways JFCS assists individuals and families, including those showing academic promise or facing an economic crisis.

Who’s Eligible?
• Those at least 18 years of age
• Jewish community members who have lived in the Bay Area for at least six months
• Those who can demonstrate relevant business experience and accomplishments
• Those who can submit a written business plan (JFCS Small Business Loan Program can assist.)
• Those who can provide qualified guarantors

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