High Holiday Annual Food Drive

JFCS is helping our community during a devastating pandemic. The need for food has grown 10 times since the start of the pandemic and the need is now greater than ever!

JFCS Food Banks are now providing 10 times more food than before the start of COVID-19. These groceries provide over 10,000 meals a month.

We need your help! Your donations ensure that JFCS can stock our Food Banks and provide food to struggling members of our community.

Your willingness to help is critical and so appreciated. Simply select a gift amount so JFCS can buy the needed food and provide it to struggling members of our community.

Your donations are most critical so that we can purchase food for those coming to us for support.


If you or someone you care about needs assistance,

please call our JFCS Bay Area Critical Helpline at 415-449-3700 or visit www.jfcs.org.

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