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Cleanerific, JFCS’ social enterprise, is receiving rave reviews from the many customers who use the green-friendly cleaning service to keep their homes and offices sparkling clean.

But that’s not all, Cleanerific’s employees, including Maria Zecena, appreciate its mission: providing training, employment, medical benefits, and support so that they can become independent and advance in their lives.

Maria is singlehandedly raising three children, including a 7-year-old with medical problems. It can be challenging, but Cleanerific helps ease the burden. It pays her a living wage, provides full benefits, and treats her with kindness and care.

They are very understanding,” Maria says of Cleanerific, “and they even helped me and my children get assistance from the counselors at Parents Place,” JFCS’ family resource center.

Because Maria and her co-workers are highly trained and reliable, they are performing at the highest levels, ensuring that Cleanerific succeeds in a competitive marketplace. Their commitment to quality is being noticed by customers such as property management company owner Karen Katz, who uses Cleanerific to help her maintain the many buildings in San Francisco that she oversees. “I have very high standards,” says Karen, “so if Cleanerific weren’t doing the best job, I’d let them know it. I am happy to support an organization that not only provides excellent service, but is also helping to create good-paying jobs for motivated workers in our community.”

“We are honored that business leaders like Karen Katz not only value the caliber of work we do, but also appreciate our mission,” says Michael Berke, Cleanerific’s founder and director. “When you hire Cleanerific, you get three benefits in one: excellent cleaning service for your home or office, green products, and the opportunity to join us in creating opportunities for people in need in our community.”

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Posted by Admin on August 23, 2013