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Help for a Young Immigrant

Parisa Sayani, a young Jewish-Iranian woman, came to this country almost three years ago with hope and determination ... and little else. Denied access to adequate education in her homeland, she set her sights on the Academy of Art University's School of Architecture in San Francisco. Having few resources, she juggled several jobs while carrying a full class load. Still, no matter how hard she worked, she couldn't cover tuition, school supplies, and living expenses.

Never losing hope, Parisa sought assistance through JFCS' Educational Loans and Grants Program. It was a life-turning chapter in her educational journey. The agency has awarded her grants for the past two years, allowing her to fulfill her dream of becoming an interior architect. She still works three jobs, but now she knows she has the support to succeed.

"It means a lot to me to have the backing of the Jewish community," Parisa says. "I am all alone here. Knowing there are people who care about my success gives me the confidence to meet my goals."

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Michelle Lamphere; 415-449-1226; 

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