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The Marketing Communications group purchases mostly stock photography for use in all of our communications: email, Web, print, etc.

When we do use photos of program participants, we must have a photo release form (single subject) or a group photo release form.

We encourage program managers to assign staff or volunteers to take photos at events and send digital files to us for archiving in our Photo Library. This library exists in a Marketing Library folder called Graphics and Images and in a photo database called PicaJet, which is searchable by category and name (but not operational yet). When you do send photos, please include captions/identifications for them, and either send them on a dvd or upload them to the "transfers" folder on the "2150 server." (Please contact IS if you are having problems accessing this server.)

Contact our Senior Graphic Designer, Elaine Michaud, to access photos when needed. Most photos must be optimized in PhotoShop to format them for print or Web use and to size them. Only the Development and Marketing staff have this software.


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Tip: Take photos at all of your program events
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You never know when they will be useful:  on website pages, in newsletters, in ads, etc. Send the photos by email or on disc to Elaine Michaud in Marcom ( She will save them in the Photo Library and in a searchable database. Please identify those in the photos when you send as gifs or jpegs. You can do so in the file names.

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Marcom Request Form
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Pick up your form to request a communication here or on the Forms page. Download it to your Documents folder before filling it in and sending to Marcom. Once form is open in Word, you may get a Security Warning at top that says "Some active content has been disabled." Click on Options button next to message and choose "Enable this content," and press OK. Download once as a blank, and once filled in, rename and send.


Send or request photos from Elaine Michaud at or 415-449-1279.

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