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2014 Fammy Awards Gala

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2014 Fammy Awards Gala

Dream Team Honorees
Dream Team Honorees – L-R Maureen Terris, Susie Greinetz, Julie Young, Robbi Shveyd, Dream Team Co-Founders Kerri Lehmann and Debbie Kay, Elaine Kaplan, Ilysa Goldblatt, Karen Zeff, Kathy Barish, Jane Reisman

Rywka Lipszyc Honoree Hadassa Halamish
Diary of Rywka Lipszyc Honoree Hadassa Halamish

Adoption Connection Honorees Massimo Prioreschi and Barak Ben Gal
Adoption Connection Honorees Massimo Prioreschi and Barak Ben Gal

Gala Honorees

Honoree Info

Pioneers and Founders of Holocaust Commemoration

The Weiss Family, Lonny Darwin, Max R. Garcia, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Naomi Lauter,
Earl Raab, John Rothmann, and Roselyne Chroman Swig

Their love of community is legendary. The year was 1977. In a courageous response to the opening of a Nazi bookstore, they took action. As a result, Holocaust education and commemoration were initiated in the Bay Area for the first time since the end of World War II. Our world class Holocaust Center and commemoration program continues to this day—inspiring thousands of youth to be morally courageous and socially active.


Olga Barsky

The Barsky Family turned to JFCS at a time of overwhelming crisis—when Olga’s husband was suddenly diagnosed with a difficult terminal illness. In a new country and with few resources, JFCS was there for them, and with the extraordinary support of community, they found their way. Now, Olga and her children are paying it forward, and demonstrating the healing power of a purposeful life.


Andjana Pachkova and Martin Herbst

There is nothing more amazing than the love of parents for their child. When their baby was diagnosed with autism, heartbroken Andjana and her husband Martin sought help. At JFCS’ Parents Place, they joined other parents of children with special needs, and found hope, expert solutions and a true lifeline. Now an advocate for children, Andjana is an inspiring example for other parents who are also doing the world’s most important job.


Gala Chairs

Tammy & Bill Crown

Regional Co-chairs

Barbara & Ron Kaufman
San Francisco

Karen Pell & Heather Lupa
Marin County

Deborah & Craig Hoffman
North Peninsula

Daryl Messinger & Jim Heeger
South Peninsula

Marlene & Martin Stein
Sonoma County

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